For Steve / by Travis Cobb

I’ve been shooting less client work and focusing more on personal work — I think that if anyone is to continue to grow in their craft, whatever that may be, you need to constantly infuse those things that remind you of why you’re choosing to do whatever it is that you do into the scope of your work. Do things for yourself and do things that reinvigorate your passion.

Many of my friends are beginning to approach the age in which we have no choice but to begin to address death — our parents aren’t getting any younger. I’m fortunate that I haven’t necessarily had to meet that head on, but some of my friends have. My friend lost her dad in January, and instead of some solemn gathering to mourn, they wanted a blowout fit for Steve.

Steve was a lifelong musician, and to send him off properly, his fellow bandmates from several bands that spanned decades came together on a makeshift stage south of Dallas and gave Steve a fitting farewell. There’s never really a good way for any of this — it all hurts. But to see so many smiles on the faces of those still grieving, it was the best way.

Below are my favorite frames from that bourbon-fueled night. Stefani and Jordan — love you both.