Wedding: Rachel & Ryan / by Travis Cobb

I’ve been to so many weddings that I’m not sure I could count them — I lost track long ago. But the thing I love about them is that even though most generally follow the same template, there’s always something different and unique about each one — the people.

Decorations are decorations, and flowers are flowers (sorry, florists), and food is food, and open bars are open bars. It’s the people I’m engaging with and the people who I’m allowed to be in such close proximity with on one of their most important days ever and I’m usually nothing more than a total stranger who’s been allowed into this dynamic — that’s what makes them awesome.

I’ve done rounds of Jagermeister shots with the groom and groomsmen, slow danced with mothers of the bride, counseled nervous grooms-to-be, and have had to hold a dress up while the bride-to-be couldn’t wait any longer…you know what I mean (all of whom will remain nameless). Most of the time, I prefer to be as out-of-sight and out-of-mind as possible — I’m a distraction that most brides and grooms don’t need on their wedding day. It also helps to break people of their indoctrinated tendency to smile as soon as I lift my camera to my eye.

Rachel and Ryan’s wedding was held at the gorgeous Hidden Pines Chapel in Highland Village (outside Dallas, Texas). And like many weddings, there’s always a wrench that gets tossed in somewhere — what started off as a brilliant sunny day turned quite dark and wet halfway through the ceremony, and all of that gorgeous natural light that had been filtering in through the windows quickly darkened, even thought the power was going to go out during the reception.

Below are a few of my favorite frames from that day — thank you, Ryan and Rachel.