Jen & Casey (plus one) / by Travis Cobb

It really is a small world. That, or I have a very small circle. It's probably a combination of both, really. Either way, I get emails from prospective clients regularly, and if I don't recognize them I try to make it a point to know how they found me. I didn't ask Jen when we were emailing, so I made it a point to ask when we met. Turns out she went to school with a mutual friend and had seen her engagement photos that I had taken years ago. She talked about the "rain" photo, which was actually the last frame that we shot that day. Jennifer and Kyle's engagement session that Jen referenced was sweltering. I remember they'd wanted to take a "Notebook" photo, but given it was summertime and there was no rain, our only option was a hose. It worked.

Any how, Jen emailed me about maternity photos, but mentioned they wanted to do them outdoors in May. Outdoors in May in Texas is hot, couple that with being pregnant and, well, you're kind of rolling the dice. You don't want to put the mother in any sort of environment that is going to cause any undue stress — or more importantly — piss her off. Lucky for us, it wasn't too hot, the sun had just begun to fall behind the trees, and the wildflowers hadn't been mowed down.

Thanks to Jen and Casey for allowing me to document this little sliver of life — and I'm sorry for all the bug bites! Below are a few of my favorite frames from that day.