Cheryl, Jason & Jackson / by Travis Cobb

I met Cheryl and Jason years ago through mutual friends – I think it actually may have been at a wedding in Mexico. But that was 7 or so years ago, and a lot has changed for both of us in that time. For them, it was major life events, like starting a family. For me, it was major work events, like not making all of my photographs look like they've got Instagram filters slapped on them. We both grew up.

They'd moved away a few years ago, but then life brought them back to Texas. Cheryl had commented on a recent session I'd done – something to the extent of it making her cry. I don't know if that was an exaggeration, but I'll take it! Next thing you know, the four of us are standing in a park with some crazy windchill, squirrels, a stranger's dog, runny noses, crazy thick mud that stuck to everything, and Jason left with teeth impressions in his forehead – all in all, a good morning.

You can't really direct, not at all. All I can do is just follow them around, be patient, and hope that all of the aforementioned distractions and afflictions will afford me a decent photograph or two. Considering all of those things, I'm pretty happy with what we captured.

Below are a few of my favorite frames from that cold and blustery day.