Liara & Amaya / by Travis Cobb

I love photographing these two kids. This is our third time around – I think one of them might have still been in pull-ups the first time. Just like documenting my own son, being able to photograph kids at different stages in their youth is a real trip, you see personalities and attitudes develop. For a parent, that' know...growing pains. But as a photographer, that's more than I could ask for.

I give little direction and watch them emote and express and experience – you just have to help them break down the barrier of smiling as soon as the camera is pointed at them. There's nothing wrong with a natural smile – but it has to be natural. A natural emotion, a natural expression, a natural response – I don't see the point otherwise.

It's wonderful when someone trusts your vision and just lets you go – thanks to my old friend, Jen, and her husband, Nic. Below are my favorite frames from our windy day.