Wedding: Allyssa & Jeremiah / by Travis Cobb

I don’t know what to say with this one. I’ve known both Allyssa and Jeremiah separately for years. Jeremiah was always the perennial bachelor, so naturally news of their engagement was met with both elation and bewilderment. A couple years back, Jeremiah moved from Dallas to the northeast to be with Allyssa, so in retrospect, either Jeremiah hated Dallas that much (entirely plausible) or their engagement was inevitable.

I’d been to New York only twice before — once in the late summer and once in early January. When I landed, it was dark and raining. When I finally got out of the city and through never ending taillights and headed north to Poughkeepsie, it was pitch black with rain and fog sprinkled in for proper measure. But when I woke up and opened the blinds to my hotel room window, it was obvious why they chose to have their wedding there. Hailing from Washington State, we don’t normally get colors like that. And currently residing in Dallas, well, there are no colors — ever.

Had I not been photographing their day, I’d have been drinking my way through it, camera in hand. I’m very fortunate to be able to share in these moments with some of my best friends. It had been far too long since I’d seen my friends — I hope to change that in the future.

Below are some of my favorite frames from that cold, short weekend in New York celebrating the wedding of my friends — Allyssa and Jeremiah.