Revisiting the Turners / by Travis Cobb

I photograph many things that, for one reason or another, never make it on this blog. But sometimes, I get so sidetracked by life that I forget to post some things that I genuinely really like.

These photos were taken a couple years back shortly after the birth of Heather and Andrew’s second child. By coincidence, my co-worker was browsing my photos and saw a photograph of her cousin — Andrew Turner. And as we were talking about it, I suddenly realized that I’d never posted these images — these images that I truly adore.

I’m not the biggest fan of the hyper-stylized baby shoots, it’s just not my thing. I want to see what real life is like for the people actually living it. No makeup, shit strewn around a hospital room, crying kids, the looks sleep deprivation on mom and dad — but also those little fleeting moments of time they get to spend alone, before they go back home to real life and all of the chaos that comes with trying to raise a toddler and an infant at the same time.

I want to take photographs that the people in those photographs will actually remember. No one remembers wearing matching outfits on a blanket in the park — people remember how much they didn’t enjoy mom and dad making them dress alike and waste an afternoon to go take photographs they didn’t want to be in.

A long overdue thank you to Heather and Andrew for inviting me into their hospital room — I love these photographs.