Patrick and the Boys No. 2 / by Travis Cobb

You can spend hours laying out the best game plan and you can wake up early on a weekend to beat the crowds, but you can never have a contingnecy for a manhole cover blowing. In my experience, the best moments both come and are made when there’s little to no planning made beyond “hey, let’s meet here at 9 and wander around”.

It takes people time to warm up to having a camera pointed at their face, especially in public. And it takes time for me to see moments that I believe are worth capturing. Sure, moms and dads will get their smiling portraits — but the photographs of families that I always find the most interesting are the in-betweens, like cleaning dirt off your shoes, or waiting for the light to change, or finding some random water fountain. There’s nothing particularly interesting about taking a photograph of a kid cleaning dirt of his white shoes, but when his dad sits down next to him and places his hand on his back when they don’t think I’m looking — that’s worth capturing.

Below are my favorite frames from my trip downtown with Patrick and the boys.