The Trammells / by Travis Cobb

Time is blessing and it’s a curse. I only think about when I wish I had more of it. My son is 12, and I only have a little bit of time left with him. Sure, I have 6 more years before he turns 18 and goes out into the world on his own, but if the past 12 years are any indication, I feel like my time with him will be over when I wake up. That’s kind of how I felt when I saw Emma for the second time. I hadn’t seen her in the better part of a year, and this little girl had grown so much (…as kids do…) that I felt like I was meeting a totally different child.

Being around little kids almost — almost — makes me think about the prospect, all the what-if’s, but then I also selfishly think to myself if that’s really the most productive thing for me to do with my time. It’s difficult to responsibly drink wine around little kids, and little kids don’t place Iceland too high on the vacation list, but there certainly are worse ways to spend 18 years.

Below are my favorite frames from an afternoon spent with David, Kadie and Emma.