Brittany & Jace / by Travis Cobb

Sometimes I’ll go back through and compare a first session to the most recent session, especially for someone who I photograph yearly. When I went back to the first session with Brittany and Jace, he was in diapers, bald, and eating cake — I think it was his first birthday. Now, he’s a little man with a big personality and attitude. He never used to really open up all that much — in my experience, most kids aren’t the biggest fan of photos, I have to bribe my own kid with LEGOS just to shoot a roll of film. But now, I don’t have to ask Jace to do anything beyond “go stand over there” and he' starts flossing, or me trying to find good light and he’s already propped himself up on a bench posing for me wanting me to take his photograph.

Below are my favorite frames from our wander around downtown Dallas.