The Cowboys of the Fort Worth Stockyards / by Travis Cobb

Several weeks ago, I went to the Stockyards in Fort Worth for the first time.  I've been in Texas for over a decade but have never actually been to the Stockyards.  We were there for a leadership conference for work, but had a few hours to kill before dinner.  I saw a few guys dressed up, or what I thought was dressed up, but nope, they were full on cowboys.  The Stockyards seem as though they can be a bit of a tourist trap, I mean, dozens of us showed up on two charter buses, so....  I didn't want to be intrusive as I'm sure these guys (and gals) have to pose with tourists some ungodly amount, but when the first guy looked at me and nodded, it was on.  These guys (and gals) were some of the warmest, most personable people I've come across – after taking their photo, they thanked me and then stopped to tell jokes.  I'll most definitely be back.