Family: Andy, Erica, AJ & Jack / by Travis Cobb

It's been a while since I've last posted, but life has been so nuts lately with Ethan's baseball and a new job that updating the blog definitely took a backseat to life.  But lately, I've gotten the itch to shoot much more, or rather, much more than just Ethan – he can only tolerate so much.

Andy and Erica and some of my most favorite people to photograph.  In fact, a frame from our last shoot was actually the featured image on the Tumblr homepage (you bet I took a screen shot of that).  Our first session was years ago when they were welcoming their first son, AJ, home.  Now, they've welcomed their second son, Jack.  It really is something else to be able to document a family as they grow and mature over the years – it's pretty special. 

Each shoot isn't without it's own set of unique challenges, but those challenges end up becoming some of my favorite images.  Below are my favorites from that Sunday a few weeks ago.