Felicity, Ben, Aubrey & Katherine / by Travis Cobb

It's not a thought that normally comes to mind until I'm editing photos, but it's a real trip to look at images I've taken of people that span the course of years.  I mean, I do it with my son all the time, but it's different when it's not my kid.  I met Felicity and Ben years ago when I took their engagement photos, and last month I was photographing them and their two gorgeous daughters.

I know parents often have these lofty ideas about how shoots go – or will hopefully go – but when you toss kids in the mix, there quickly comes a point where you've got to essentially set them loose and let them do their own thing.  Pick grass, throw rocks, make faces, whatever.  I want to see that and capture that.  If you don't let a kid be a kid at a photoshoot, then the only frames you'll get are a bunch of side-eye glares.

I appreciate the freedom Felicity and Ben afforded me that day in November – I know the photographs wouldn't be the same if kids couldn't be kids.  Below are my favorite frames from that afternoon.