Wedding: Chrissy & Shelley / by Travis Cobb

Up at 4am Thursday.  Flight from Dallas to Los Angeles.  Layover.  5 more hours from Los Angeles to Honolulu.  One hour in the car to Kualoa Ranch.  One perpetual goosebump-inducing rad afternoon on a four wheeler through my childhood dream come true.  Drink.  Sleep.  Wedding.  Drink.  Sleep.  Beach.  Honolulu to Los Angeles.  Layover.  Back in Dallas at 6:30am Sunday.  Wouldn't change a damn thing.

Maybe other people have experienced this as well, but there are a handful of people I've meet at different points in my life, when after meeting them they've made such an impact on me that I realize that it's a shame I wasn't able to meet them any earlier in life.  That's Chrissy and Shelley.  We met in a really cold New York City one January not too long ago and now they won't leave me alone.  I kid, I kid.  Honestly though, these two, they're something else, and I do consider myself the fortunate one.

I normally don't like to post this many images in a single gallery, but it was just too much fun and I remember every moment of it...and I just want to.

Thank you to Chrissy and Shelley for letting me tag along and trusting me enough to document it all for you.