Bridal: Erica / by Travis Cobb

It isn't very often in which you're able to photograph under the best of conditions and this day was no different.  The trees were brown and leafless, the grasses dry and dead (the only clump of green we could find was a hanging vine), and sporadic cloud cover that often tested patience.  Yet it became pretty apparent very early into the shoot that things would turn out alright.  I care very little (often times I don't care at all) about the sky being blown out or how brown and lifeless the foliage is behind my subject so long as my subject looks good, is lit well and exposed properly.  Instead, I try to find some little sliver of harmony between what I cannot control and what I can control, and that satisfies me.  In the end, this turned out to be one of those sessions that reignites that little invisible fire inside that reminds you why you love to photograph people.  I don't think I could be happier with these images if the grasses were green and the trees were full.  Nothing helps me more than a subject who shares their ideas, who takes direction well and who is completely willing to give my ideas a go (even though they may be dreading it on the inside).  Thank you, Erica, for trusting me with your bridals.