Wedding: Christine & Jason / by Travis Cobb

I don't advertise.  Sometimes I wish I did.  Generally, if I shoot a wedding, it's because some how, some way, someone either stumbled across my website, or in all likelihood, they were referred to me by a friend or client.  And more often than not, they end up being just as cool as the friend who referred them, which makes my job so incredibly easy.  I'm just there.  Couple that with my love for Austin, Texas, especially just outside Austin near Lake Travis and the Hill Country, well, there are definitely worse ways to spend a day.

Unlike most weddings I've photographed, this one was pretty relatable, especially considering I'm not even married.  I haven't been a part of that many weddings in which the bride and/or groom already had children.  Long story short, seeing their kids there, so involved in the entire process, it gave me hope, it reiterated the desire that maybe someday I'll be fortunate enough to get married and to be able to have my son be just as much a part of my wedding as their children were a part of theirs.

Thanks to Christine and Jason for allowing me document their day -- these are my favorite frames from that day in Austin.