Ashley & Scott / by Travis Cobb

I met Ashley and Scott downtown at the Dallas Farmers Market on a Saturday afternoon.  I'm never a huge fan of shooting in such a public place as sometimes it can be quite difficult for the subject to relax when they're so visible.  However, even with people whistling out of their car windows, Ashley and Scott took it like champs. 

After a little while, we headed north to Breckenridge Park in Richardson (more my kind of place).  No people, no houses or buildings or cars or power lines...just a bunch of tall dry grass right before sunset.  These guys are a breeze to photograph, and no, I wouldn't say that about everyone.  Even after Ashley told me she was allergic to grass, she still gave me a few frames in the middle of the tall grass -- I'm so thankful she did.  Like I've mentioned in other posts, a few frames below are panoramic portraits, and I cannot thank them enough for tolerating me repeatedly telling them not to move, but I think (hope) it paid off.

Thanks to Ashley and Scott for that Saturday evening.