Shelly & Chrissy: The Pre-Wedding Reception / by Travis Cobb

There are people that you meet throughout your life that you click with right away.  There's no awkwardness or small talk, it  I met Shelly and Chrissy in New York at Tosha and Cristina's wedding, and it just...was.  I had heard rumblings at Tosha and Cristina's wedding that Shelly and Chrissy obviously liked each other and all of that stuff, but when I had heard the news about their engagement and got the text from the two of them asking me to photograph for them, I was floored.  The wedding is later this year in Hawaii, but the reception was in San Antonio on New Year's Day.  I feel incredibly fortunate that people trust me enough to be able to experience little slivers of their lives that most others never get to.  I also feel incredibly fortunate that I am able to document things like this for people who, in the past, never had the same opportunities (we've come a long way, America, and that's a damn good thing).

Below are a few of my favorite frames from the pre-wedding reception -- a humongous hug to both Shelly and Chrissy for trusting me enough (and tolerating me enough) to spend this special time with them.