Wedding: Loren & Jared / by Travis Cobb

Loren and Jared are cool.  Pete and Rob are cool (they're Loren and Jared's dogs).  Weddings are cool.  Wisconsin and Michigan are cool (or the "U-P" as they say).  Put that all together and it's hard to say no when you're asked to photograph a wedding that has all of that.  I would've shot Loren and Jared's wedding regardless of where it was, but the opportunity to escape the oppressive Texas summer heat for the mild jacket weather of the "U-P" for a few days was worth the trip alone.  Being there reminded me a little of home: the green everything, the fresh air, the mild temperatures and everything moves at a slightly slower pace in the best way possible. 

The wedding presented some definite challenges as it was held inside of a movie theater (movie theaters are designed to be dark, very dark).  Made my job as the photographer tough, but weddings don't revolve around me.  Regardless, how many weddings have you been to inside of an old movie theater?  Exactly.  It was cool just to see it. 

I'm very happy with these images, and I thank Loren and Jared for affording me the opportunity to be a part of their day.