Paige and the Pastel Skies / by Travis Cobb

So I realize that the title of this album and the monochromatic vibe these images have don't necessarily pair; however, the title is more of memory of that evening than anything else.  The skies were painted these fleeting purples, oranges and pinks, and for a summer night in Texas, it was actually pretty tolerable.

Unless I'm shooting black and white film, I never set out with the intention of creating black and white images in post.  But sometimes, whether it is the subject matter or the light or the evocative nature of the image, I believe some images are better served being displayed in black and white.  When I started going through the images from that night, there were a few that stood out to me, and by the end of the edit, every image was monochrome.  Every image was also in color because that light was absolutely gorgeous, but these images, void of all color, well I just like them and they're the ones I chose to display.

I've shot with Paige before, a la "Paige and the Beach," and Paige lives in Dallas now, so its great to have someone to shoot with because my little boy isn't always a fan of me pointing the camera at him.