Preston (Bonnie & Mark) / by Travis Cobb

Bonnie and Mark are the kind of clients I really love.  Apart from being genuinely cool people, they also share my perspective on portrait photography and they don't even know it.  For me, the most important part about photographing people is the relationship created between photographer and subject, it's trust.  I met Bonnie and Mark through a mutual friend years ago, and over the course of that time, I've photographed their engagement, wedding, pregnancy, newborn and now their son's first birthday.  I was initially bummed as my travel schedule was prohibiting me from being able to photograph their son when they wanted me to.  Then, as I was getting off a plane in Orlando, I received one of the greatest texts ever (no exaggeration).  Bonnie expressed the exact sentiment I feel towards photographing people and the relationships created in the process.  A month later, I was photographing Preston again.  Having clients that trust you to be a tiny part of their lives is a big deal.  I thank Bonnie and Mark for letting me be that guy.