Wedding: Jackie & Zach / by Travis Cobb

Over the past two years, I've become more selective about photographing weddings and what weddings I want to photograph.  I had photographed so many weddings in years prior that I felt disconnected from wedding photography, I didn't feel creative and I felt as though I had no voice to share.  I burned myself out.  Don't get me wrong, I actually love to photograph weddings.  I've touched on it before, but the trust that two other people have in you to not only share but also capture the most important day of their lives and to not screw it up, it's an enormous compliment.  In the end, for me to want to photograph a wedding, I need to feel a connection to those that I am photographing or else I simply do not see the point.

I've known Jackie for years now.  And over the course of one evening's drunken group conversation in January that need not be repeated on the internet, I happily obliged to photograph her wedding.  Like I mentioned, having that personal relationship is hugely enticing for me to want to photograph a wedding, and this was precisely that. 

Florida.  Champagne.  Ant Hills.  Carlos.  Aspen.  Jackie.  Ashley.  Champagne.  Tayler.  Ashlee.  Dale.  Champagne.  Shots from Randall.  Sparklers.  Golf Carts without brakes.  Not much more one could ask for.  Thanks to Jackie and Zach for trusting me and allowing me to photograph their day.