Paige and the Beach / by Travis Cobb

I met Paige in February of 2015 and once I knew that I would see her again just a couple months later in April, we casually began tossing around the idea of a portrait session.  I had been traveling and shooting so much for the 9-5 that the opportunity to photograph something other than a cheerleader or dancer was too enticing to let pass.  So, we woke before sunrise, made our way to the shore and started walking.  These handful of images are what became of that sunrise.  I photograph a great deal that I don't post online or blog about or show other people; much of my photographic work is migrating in a direction that serves me and my desires and my vision, so I like to keep some things just for myself.  I don't really boast about my work, but these I am damn proud of.  The light, the palette, the subject, the time, everything.  Everything.