Growing Up on Film / by Travis Cobb

Some time ago, I shifted away from photographing my son with a digital camera (excluding the occasional iPhone photo).  Film is how it all began for me.  I have such an affinity for film, it's aesthetic, it's tangible nature and it's romantic sensibility that I only document my son's life now on film.  When people shoot digital, there's such a habitual yet unintended laziness that comes with digital photography that they simply let their JPEGs stay JPEGs.  That is to say, once the images are captured, they tend to die a slow death lost and forgotten on some hard drive.  Film is real, you can hold it in your hands and bring it up to the light to see the images that you've captured.  Then you really have a sense of holding the past in your hands.  To me, that's why I photograph my son on film.  I feel as though I have selfishly trapped a tiny portion of him at that exact moment and at that exact age that I will always be able to keep for myself long after he's grown and gone away from me.  Parents, man.

These are a few frames from the past 3 months.