Lanie / by Travis Cobb

Growing up, I thought "like a girl" meant, you know, like a girl.  I mean, The Sandlot taught me some pretty sweet insults, e.g., "you play ball like a girl".  So naturally I believed the term "like a girl" always carried with it a negative connotation to whatever it was that you were being made fun of for.  Then you grow up.

When people say "like a girl" now, they're probably talking about Lanie.  She's one of those absolutely original, entirely imaginative, all killer no filler, perceptive and wise beyond her short years kinds of girls who'll probably change the world.  I've met a few kids who give me genuine hope that they'll do a much, much better job caring for one another and their world than we did.

Below are some of my favorite frames from our afternoon outside.