The Nelson's / by Travis Cobb

I've been photographing these guys since Cohen, the oldest boy (the one in the bow tie) was basically a newborn.  Every year, I've photographed Steven, Tiffany, Cohen and Sutton (the most recent addition).  And every year, I see a kid who's grown just as much as my own son has.  Seeing the years pass in a child's face tends to put your own age in perspective, especially as a parent.  When I go back and look at our first session together (we've all come a long way), and then I look at these photographs, I'm reminded that the days of my son not getting embarrassed when I tell him that I love him in front of his friends are numbered.  Me coming to terms with that inevitability is a slow, slow process...for me, not him, he's already over it.

These are some of my favorites from the afternoon we spent together in the park.