Wedding: Erin & Chris / by Travis Cobb

I hadn't been to Hawaii since 2002.  Seeing the islands creep over the horizon through my small airplane window was almost like watching the clock tick closer to whatever time my mom used to say it was OK to get up on Christmas morning.  Stepping off the plane, I wondered why it had taken so damn long to come back.  I jumped at the opportunity to photograph this wedding for the McAnulty's.  True, it absolutely helped that the wedding would be in Hawaii, but as soon as I walked my bags into the house and stepped onto the porch -- it's actually difficult for me right now to put into words how unbelievable the view actually was, so, I'll just say that it was freaking awesome.  I never adjusted to the 5 hour time difference, cool with me though.  Drinking coffee and watching that sunrise over the Pacific for a complaints here.  There's obviously so much I could say about everything Hawaii is, but I wouldn't be doing it any justice.  Apart from Hawaii being, well, Hawaii, the McAnulty's were equally as cool.  I've known Shannon for the better part of 8 years, and it was wonderful to be able to get to know all of them over that week.  I cannot thank Mike and Marti enough for the opportunity.

Below are some of my favorite film and digital images from that week in Hawaii.