Preston / by Travis Cobb

Photographing newborns, for me any way, is a little like looking back in time.  It brings back a flood of memories of my own son.  How little he was, how dependent he was, how wonderful it felt knowing that someone needed more than anything in the world and how much I miss him being so small.  I often want to impress upon those few new parents that I photograph, to share my fading pearls of wisdom as they relate to raising a child, but I never have.  The more I think about it in those moments, I don't want to share anything with them.  Instead I ask questions.  I want to know what it's like for them, what they're experiences have been like and how tired they are.  After a while of asking person after person you'd imagine those answers would all be the same, but they're not.  Every person has a different outlook on what being a parent means to them and I like hearing new stories.