On Film: A Western Playground / by Travis Cobb

I made a conscious decision to leave my digital camera at home and shoot the entire road trip on film.  The choice to do so was made because often times when I shoot digital, I feel so far removed from the act of making a photograph that I feel little connection to what I'm photographing.  And if that's the case, then what's really the point of doing it at all?  There were many, many times in which I desperately wanted that instant gratification that digital affords, even to the point that I would harass my friend and road trip companion, Trevor, to see what shots he was getting as he was shooting digital. 

I know that on each of those rolls of medium format film, I have 16 frames per roll (sometimes 10) and that's it.  Knowing that you can only capture a finite number of images prevents you from falling back into that bad habit of digital shooting.  That kind of irresponsible behavior of firing off hundreds of frames and putting little effort into the framing, the composition and patience simply because you think you can fix it in post.

The inevitable 3-week wait for the film to come back to me was borderline torturous.  However, getting your film back from a project that you thoroughly enjoyed shooting is second only to how you feel waking up on Christmas Morning.

These are a few of my favorites from that 5-day road trip.