Family...a little removed. / by Travis Cobb

Some people think it's weird that I have the positive relationship that I do with my son's mother.  It's been many years and we both moved on long ago, but somehow people assume there should naturally be some animosity or hostility because...well, just because.  I think I am incredibly fortunate.  I don't have to look very far and I am reminded about how easy it seems to be for some to let things drown out what's truly important.  I am very lucky that my son has not one or two but 3 parents that would do anything for him.  I am very fortunate that my son has a brother that he can grow up with, play with, be a big brother for, protect, fight with, tattle on and every other brotherly thing that I was lucky enough to experience.  I am fortunate that we're able to keep our heads screwed on straight and put others before ourselves.  That familiar saying, "things could be worse" doesn't seem applicable; things are good.  So, when she asked if I'd photograph her family (our son included), without hesitation I agreed.  These are some of my favorite frames from that hour at the park.