Bonnie & Mark, plus one... / by Travis Cobb

Time is really something else.  I met Bonnie and Mark three years ago when I photographed their engagement and wedding, and now, I'm photographing them as they're expecting their first child.  When I reflect upon those three years and everything that's transpired within that period of time, I don't think about the places I've seen or the things I have done or even the photographs I've taken, I think about my own family - my son - and how precious my time with him is.  That's why I enjoy photographing people like this.  A photograph that is genuine and straightforward will endure.  A part of me feels like we have left the golden age of photography, left it long ago.  Those photographs taken by my parents, and their parents, and their parents before don't see contrived images of babies in tutus holding balloons wearing over-sized bows in their hair sitting inside some see real people, genuine people who wanted to capture something meaningful.  If I am able to feel as though I've come remotely close to doing that, then I feel accomplished - accomplished enough to try harder.