At the State Fair of Texas with The Nelsons / by Travis Cobb

Tiffany and Steven were one of the first families I ever photographed.  Cohen, their first born, wasn't more than a few months old, and since then, I've photographed their family on average about twice a year (we've also probably photographed in as many locations as we've had sessions).  When Tiffany contacted me for another shoot, she suggested a place that, not only have I never photographed at, I've never been to myself - the State Fair of Texas.  I don't do as well as others with large crowds, and yes, I've been told I have snobby opinions, so what.  It's like going to the mall the week before Christmas...why, just why?  Don't get me wrong, I loved going to the fair when I was growing up, but the fair where I'm from is a little different than the fair here (which is like heresy if I say it too loud round these parts).  Any how, I was cautiously optimistic about shooting at the fair - there is a litany of things to address beforehand, primarily knowing from the onset that these are not going to be anywhere near traditional family portraits.  I don't necessarily capture traditional family portraits, but in this kind of environment, there is little in your control.  These frames might not make it onto Tiffany and Steven's Christmas cards, but having combated the crowds, the clouds and drizzle, the injuries and the attention spans, I'm pleased with how they turned out.