I'm Travis Cobb and this is what I do.

If you've looked through my photographs, hopefully you’ve noticed that I don’t always shoot in the traditional sense.  My images are intimate, candid and personal. These aren’t high school yearbook photographs and I will never ask you to put your chin on your fist, tilt your head and say cheese.  I do ask that you allow yourself to be open, relaxed, and most importantly, to simply be yourself.

Your pictures will thank you, as will I.

These are your photographs; however, they’re also my photographs.  I want your input, suggestions and ideas; after all, we both have to live with them. I want your images to be set apart and I will try my absolute best to present something that is uniquely you.  I want your photographs – our photographs – to be an actual representation of the person you truly are, the person your loved ones know, not the airbrushed model you saw in some magazine.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with referencing inspiration, I do it constantly.  You end up with a pimple on your wedding day?  Definitely, I will retouch that.  But no, I will absolutely not Photoshop you skinnier.  That is not who you are, that is not how your loved ones want to see you, and that is not how I want my work represented.

If, by this point, I haven’t turned you off enough to search for another photographer, I sincerely thank you.  I implore you to let go and to be unafraid to try something new or different.  You might just find that you’ll amaze yourself in what we can capture.

For contact information and to download my digital brochure (which includes pricing), please click over to the “Contact Me” page.